GMC Yukon 2021 is on sale in UAE

GMC has announced that the brand new Yukon and Yukon XL are available at sale throughout the UAE. The appealing lineup by GMC is headlined with the high-end Denali along with the AT4. Both the AT4 and Denali are highly capable sub-brands of GMC. 

As for the Yukon, it is an upscale off-road vehicle for automotive enthusiasts. It is one of the pre owned cars in UAE and has created a lot of hype. Keep on reading to have an in-depth look at this full-sized SUV.


The outer body of the Yukon showcases the epitome of GMC craftsmanship. The exterior of the 2021 Yukon is extremely stylish and attractive. It displays big distinctive lines to satisfy the aesthetic needs of the Middle East customers. 

In Yukon, the Galvano chrome grille design by Denali is bigger and more significant. This Denali trademark design showcases a perfectly sequenced dimensional pattern having more than 10,000 individual reflective surfaces. 

The vehicle also comes with advanced lighting innovation such as C-shaped front lighting signature, LED daytime running lights and a significant light blade. These lights make the car look prominent and unique. 


As the car is brand new, it only makes sense that the inside is redesigned as well. The thorough reassigning throughout the range of interior and a distinct touch of Denali interior is impressive. A new center console and option of four different color themes are the main highlights. This allows the customers to have excellent personalization. 


There is no compromise made on power either as two engines are available. The customer can pick the one which suits the lifestyle the most. A 6.2 liter, V8 with Dynamic Fuel Management is the most robust engine. It pumps out almost 420 horsepower which is unrivaled and can not be found in the rivals. 

As for the standard option, it is a new 5.3 liter V8 engine. Both the choices are equipped with the stop and start technology as well as the Dynamic Fuel Management. This allows the engines to work on 2 to 8 cylinders so that power and efficiency are maximized. 

Both the engines are paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Moreover, they are mated to the GMC Electronic Precision Shift push button gear selector. 


Yukon is packed with high quality technology and is equipped with class leading engineering. It is elevated with OnStar technology for the benefit of customers. High ride quality is determined with the first ever four corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension. This system can elevate the body to 2 inches to have additional ground clearance. The rising is useful for off-road driving. 

More than 9 camera views are given which is the most offered by any SUV. This feature increases the awareness of the driver. Both Rear Camera Mirror and High Definition Surround Vision are available. However, this is not the end to the technological gear because a 15 inches diagonal multicolored Head-Up display is added too. The driver-centric features provide useful information, navigation, connectivity and added perks. 

A secured family car

This SUV is the perfect blend of excellent driving experience and unbeatable off-road satisfaction. It stands apart in the vehicle segment. The driver can enjoy all types of dangerous road adventures. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s compromising on the safety. The GMC Yukon 2021 is naturally a family car which offers enhanced safety gear. 

It lets the driver know about any possible collision so that they can be avoided. The Emergency Braking, Rear Pedestrian Alert and Lane Keeping Assistance help in this matter. Inside the vehicle, security and safety is maximized with the pioneering OnStar technology. This innovation allows all your trips to be better connected and safe. 

Some of the safety gear works with the authorities when you’re stuck somewhere and need help such as Stolen Vehicle Assist and Automatic Crash Response. This allows you to have a complete demand on the vehicle. Moreover, features like remote start, vehicle diagnostics and remote lock makes your busy lives easier. 
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