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Can Suboxone Overdose Cause Fatal To You? — Understanding the Medication

Suboxone is widely suggested for individual with opioid substance use disorder, it is a medically prescribed treatment which is solely given to people who are addicted to opioid and wants to get rid of the addiction. The main component of this medication is bupronorphine and naloxone. Bupronorphine helps in binding up the receptors of brains which reacts to opioid and helps in reducing withdrawal and opioid craving. Whereas, naloxone prevent the misuse of suboxone by creating fake withdrawal symptoms in the body.

The presence of bupronorphine makes suboxone a opioid itself, but suboxone is less likely to be abusive unless it is used very much incorrectly. Many people wonders if one can get high on suboxone, well you may or may not get high of suboxone depends on how strong opioid tolerance you have.

Over dose of suboxone

In most of the cases suboxone comes with inbuilt overdose prevention, it is because it contains both bupronorphine and naloxone. Suboxone overdose should not be concern for those who already have higher opioid tolerance, but individual with incorrect knowledge about suboxone dosage and misuses the medication with less tolerance of drug can suffer severely. Many suboxone treatment centerconsider giving proper knowledge about dosage and effects of overdose to make it easy for the patients

Suboxone always comes with proper recommended dosages and methods of how to consume it, individuals intentionally ignoring this can fall in the trap of overdose which at times might lead to addictions. Any and every opioid comes with one particular rules be it prescribed or general, that use of opioid should be done with proper knowledge of dosage, effects and side effects.

Symptoms of suboxone over dose

Withdrawals are very common when you are treated for opioid addiction, thus common symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea and anxiety becomes very common and frequent. But the severe kind of symptoms of over dose of suboxone to look out for:

  • Drowsiness in dangerous amount
  • Problem in breathing in a massive way.
  • Pinpoint pupils, shaking and shivering
  • Collapsing due to dizziness
  • Blurred vision

These are some common symptoms of suboxone overdose, well if the over dose is done without proper knowledge and unintentionally then it’s ok to consider it. But if any individual have overdosed it deliberately then it might cause havoc as intentional overdose might include alcohol or other opioid use. When you see frequent symptoms like these do search for treatment for suboxone addiction near me, and seek for help immediately.

Fatal risk of suboxone overdose

Accidental overdose of suboxone most of the times occurs due to wrongly consuming it. Apart from snorting and injecting suboxone does not mix well with any other depressant or sedative, therefore mixing it with these sedative and depressant can cause you more harm. The other ways through which individuals try consuming suboxone is with alcohol, which a clear wrong way of consuming suboxone as when suboxone is comsumed with alcohol it enhances the effect of both opioid and alcohol. These are van fatal risk such as respiratory depression. The risk becomes higher when suboxone is irrirationally mixed with other substance to consume.

You can easily get help under any fatal situation by searching for suboxone doctor near me, and urge of quick help. Proper medicinal help is required in situation like this.

Can suboxone overdose cause addiction

Any medications that are considered in treating opioid addictions, might some or the other way be addictive. Suboxone itself is counted as opioid which is less abusive which is why it is considered as medication of addiction treatment. When an individual in practicing overdose deliberately for long time it can definitely cause addiction of suboxone, in rare cases when you get off you drug addiction through suboxone treatment tend to fall in the trap of suboxone addiction for a while. In this situation one should seek help of treatment for suboxone addiction in any suboxone treatment center near me as soon as possible. Although, it not harmful to that extend where it will caused you severe fatal, our body gets used to the kind of medication we take for long time. This is very common, and to get out of such medication takes a bit long time.

Treatment for suboxone overdose

One might consider overpower suboxone overdose, a dose of naloxone will help which is basically not at all true. As naloxone is already present in suboxone in good amount, the treatment for suboxone over dose is another level of complex thing. Although, dosage of naloxone can work for short time, but the best way to great an over dose treated is seeking professional help immediatedly.

How to get best medical center of suboxone treatment?

These are the few terms which will accurately help you in getting best service around you.

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