Top 4 Small Businesses To Start In 2021

The majority of people dream of starting their own businesses but unfortunately, about 90% of them never even give it a try. There can be many reasons behind it, but the topmost reason is the fear of losing money.

We don’t want to lose money, that’s true, but who said that you should lose your money in business? If you acquaint well with the primary reasons that so many new businesses fail early on, you will realize that it’s a lack of knowledge that’s hindering you from starting your business.

Knowledge gives you confidence. – Junaid Raza

If you have proper knowledge of what you are doing, then surely it won’t regret you in your life, that’s why it’s far better to focus on learning the businesses and then starting.

The other question that might arise in someone’s mind that which businesses are good and which one are not? Well, that’s important.

However, there are many profitable businesses that you can start in 2021, but we have chosen the top 4 businesses that are trending and has a huge potential to adopt you and give you huge profits.

The top 4 businesses that you can start in 2021 are,

  1. YouTube channel
  2. Social Network Management
  3. Virtual Assistant (VA) for Stores
  4. Accounting and BookKeeping

Youtube Channel

When it comes to starting a business, especially in this modern era, we can’t forget YouTubing. The reason is that it’s one of the easiest businesses that everyone can do.

Running a YouTube channel has two majors.

  1. Creating videos (on any topic – stay specific)
  2. Uploading them (with little optimization)

Believe me; It doesn’t require any professional skills to start YouTubing. If you have a camera and a laptop, it means you can start it. One can run a channel on a smartphone as well. I had created and uploaded videos on YouTube with my smartphone, and it wasn’t hard.

The other important part is that one doesn’t require skills to produce content for videos. If you can solve someone’s problem, it means you have content. Even for ladies, if you don’t know anything, you must still know cooking or help other moms with your experiences in their personal lives. You can simply create videos on those topics, and it will make your day.

If creating videos is not your issue, then the other things are editing your videos and optimizing them.

The Internet has all the solutions for you.

You can get applications, and you can learn optimizing videos for Youtube from the internet. There are dozens of video editors that you can get for free or with quite a few bucks. You can get any of those. All such applications have tutorials available on the internet. It won’t take an hour to learn an application for basic video editing.

Social Network Management

According to research by ContentFactory, on average, companies spend $4000-$7000 a month on social network management because they understand how worth investing it is. They can’t manage all the accounts on their own that’s why they hire companies and freelancers to manage their social network.

However, managing social networks doesn’t mean keeping the accounts updated. Definitely, they demand social media marketing skills as well.

The main motive for any business is to get clients, and that’s why they need someone to manage social network accounts to get more clients. If you can’t optimize an account to get clients, then definitely no one would like to pay you.

That’s why to start this business. You should learn social media marketing to convince companies that you can get useful results with your skills.

Virtual Assistant (VA) for Stores

It’s another finest business to start in 2021. It’s also trending and has huge potential in the market.

Big companies and businesses that have e-stores on different platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. They update their stores regularly. And they find it a bit harder to manage their stores and keep them up to date.

They usually hire freelancers and small companies to run their e-Stores, and they pay a handsome amount.

In this field, you can work with as many businesses as you want, and you can charge thousands of dollars if they have huge stores.

The question that might arise in your mind is why don’t they hire someone to run their stores? The reason that hiring a full-time employee costs more than hiring a freelancer to run a store, it normally takes 1 to 4 hours a day, and surely it’s not wise to hire a full-time employee for such tasks.

To join this field, you will require a laptop that you can find at cheap rates. Some best laptops under 500 are the best fit for this business.

Accounting & BookKeeping business

According to a research, 40% of businesses believe that BookKeeping and Taxes is the worst part of a business.

They find it difficult to record cash inflow and outflow and manage their taxes on time. And that’s the biggest opportunity to take advantage of.

Usually, those businesses spend $1000-$20,000 a year on all these, and it’s a huge amount for the BookKeeping business.

You can work with different companies and make handsome amounts. And once you have built your repute, you can hire others to assist you, and you will grow as a company within a couple of months.

The most appealing part is that you don’t require to invest a lot of money on it, you just need a laptop, and you will learn a BookKeeping software easily – that’s not a difficult thing at all. It won’t take a week to learn it.

However, it’s hard to find clients in the early days, and it’s highly recommended to ask your friends, fellows, and colleagues to help you find clients.

Share your Gigs on social media, use freelancing platforms, join social media groups and try all other means to get your first client. Once you’re done with your first client, it will give you confidence and recommendations.

So the businesses mentioned above are the top 4 businesses to start in 2021.

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