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7 Reasons You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Digital media has run the world on fingertips. It has made companies and businesses run smoother and easier. Social Media websites have a big hand behind digital media marketing. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and among all these platforms the oldest one is Facebook. It is the most favorite social media platform of all ages.

Advertising and marketing have become easier and more efficient since it has converted into a digital one. You must have seen Facebook ads entitled ‘sponsored’. This is how Facebook advertising works. Now you must be connecting the dots.

Dear friend, if you are planning to start your own business or if you are planning good advertising strategies, then this article is for you. Let me you the best 7 reasons why you should advertise on Facebook. 

Let’s Count The Audience

Starting with several audiences that are using Facebook will be an easy start towards marketing your business. At present, Facebook’s active users are 1.44 billion people. There are almost 7.594 billion people on this planet out of which the majority is active on Facebook. Do you think advertise to 1.44 billion people in the world is easy? But one click can change your life.

Okay, let’s make some easy calculations. If 1.44 billion people are actively using Facebook then 1 billion people might be out of your range. The rest of 44 million people are your real audience. With such a huge number of active users, your reach can be across many countries and it is the best way for your growth. If 44 million people around the world are seeing your advertisement, then you have achieved your goal.  

All-Age Groups Use Facebook

Today, almost every person has a smartphone. Everyone has a Facebook app downloaded on their cell phones. If not a smartphone then those people do have computers where they use their social media. The question is what age group you want to target.

When a brand does advertising on social media, they have to target a certain age group. Let’s suppose you have a watch brand for office going girls. Your targeted audience will be from 23 years to 40 years. So when you will advertise, you will keep the focus of your ads on a specific age group.

Let’s suppose you have baby cots to market, obviously, you won’t target newborns. They won’t be using Facebook so soon. So you will keep an eye on the audience who are married or parents to be. This is how all-age groups who use Facebook can be beneficial to you. Either your product is for poor people, rich people, old or youngsters, girls or boys, Facebook will throw you in the right direction.

Biggest Social Media Platform To Get Connected

Today hundreds of social media platforms are present. People are using different platforms but you know what, Facebook is being used by everyone. You will not find any single person in this world who would not have used Facebook.

There must be several platforms to connect socially but Facebook is the oldest one because it was the first one. You can connect to any class of the society on Facebook. It is indeed the biggest platform to get connected to the world. You can reach out to any age group of any gender. Marketing has become easier on Facebook because it can take you to your desired goal.

For example, if you want to sell kitchen goods, facebook will help you in reaching those women who are searching for those items on the internet. Technology has taken us into a miracle world.

Pay Less, Get More!

Let’s get to the point now. You must be thinking how marketing and facebook ads are being made on Facebook. People have taken a lot of benefits from Facebook and have grown their business to a great extent. A few months ago, this policy got changed. When everyone was making business, Mark Zukerberg had to do something too. So he came up with ad boosting strategy on Facebook.

With the help of this strategy things got lined up. Now proper ads are being made and requested to get on air. Specific rates are being fixed on the ads. For example, a newspaper ad charges $30 and a Facebook ad charges $0.5. It makes a big difference. A specific area of your choice is being selected and the ad is boosted in a certain budget. This is how advertisements work.

With paying less you get better responses and in return you get more revenue than what you invest.

Effortless Traffic Generation

We all have seen how much time taking a marketing field is. But the digital world has made it easier. Facebook boosting is an effortless traffic generator. All you have to do is to select an area, make a branded ad and invest a little amount on it. Let’s suppose you invest $5 in a 10km area around you. If you think that your product will work around this 10km area then your investment will start coming back.

There is no need to go and distribute flyers and brochures. This is an effortless traffic generation strategy that helps your brand get recognition.

Easy To Reach Your Goal

Facebook ads are the easiest and smooth way to reach your goals. You just come up with a good advertisemnet poster and see the game happening. Start counting the orders and make money out of it. No need to roam in the market and get yourself tired, just go with the easy flow. Go with the Facebook advertising strategies and reach your goal.

Beat Your Competitors

Every brand has a competition with the other brand. If you want to survive in the market and grow then it is important to choose the smartest way. You must have heard that ‘work smart not hard’. Do you still think that people believe in banners and typical marketing ideas? No. everyone has a phone and people buy things just by clicking one button. Beat your competitors and do your best.

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