Forehead Lift 2021

Forehead Lift

The forehead area is a region that wrinkles rapidly with the advancement of age and with excessive facial expressions and is difficult to hide. The good news is that it is a place where very good results can be obtained from surgical or medical aesthetic methods. After trying botox, filling, mesotherapy and other non-surgical methods, if no benefit is obtained anymore and if the age and health condition are suitable, forehead stretching is performed. Forehead lift is sometimes performed alone and sometimes as part of a facelift called de facelift.

Who is forehead lift surgery performed?

Patients with falls in their eyebrows and temple area, and deep forehead wrinkles in the forehead shadow are candidates for forehead stretching. Generally, we encounter these complaints in patients over the age of 40. Forehead lines may be prominent. Since these patients usually have low eyelid, lower and upper eyelid surgery can be performed together. In order to provide facial aesthetics, it is often necessary to perform combined procedures.

What are the methods of forehead stretching in aesthetics?

Aesthetic forehead lift surgeries are performed in two different ways.

  • Classic forehead lift surgery
  • Endoscopic forehead lift surgery (See endoscopic forehead lift)

How is classical forehead stretching surgery performed?

While performing classical forehead lift surgery , the forehead skin is removed with an incision made in the scalp between both temples (in the crowned area). The muscles that cause wrinkles on the forehead and pull down on the eyebrows are destroyed. The forehead skin is freed from the upper bone arch of the orbit. Excess skin is thrown away.

Who is a classic forehead lift performed?

In patients whose eyebrows are genetically at the level of the upper bone arch of the eye socket, eyebrow drops become very obvious in their 30s. In these patients, good results can be obtained with early endoscopic forehead lift. However, in patients who have not undergone any surgical intervention, by the age of 50s, deepening of the lines on the forehead and abundance of skin become very pronounced. In this case, adequate results cannot be obtained with endoscopic forehead lift. Because some skin must be removed from the forehead by plastic surgeon in islamabad. Then the forehead is stretched with the classical method.

Are there any disadvantages of classical forehead aesthetic surgery?

In classical forehead stretching , a long incision is made in the area of ​​the scalp. There is a scar that can be hidden in the scalp. However, if the classical forehead lift surgery is performed on a man and the man’s hair is shed in the future, the scar will appear.

What are the details about classical forehead lift surgery?

Forehead lift surgery usually takes 2-3 hours and is applied under general anesthesia. It can be discharged 1 day after the operation. You can take a bath on the 2nd day. Swelling in the forehead can be minimized by applying ice and holding the head back after forehead lift surgery. The bruises that may occur on the forehead can be reduced with some special creams. Swelling goes down within 1-2 weeks. You can return to work in the 2nd week. Wire stitches on the scalp are removed on the 10th day. The numbness in the forehead resolves within weeks. Intense physical activities that increase blood pressure such as sports, bending, heavy housework and sexual intercourse should be avoided for a few weeks. It is necessary to stay away from sunbathing, sauna and solarium for a few months.

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