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5 tips for Washing Your Dogs in the winters

Just like us, our dogs also hate to take baths in cold winter weather. If it were possible, we would skip winters entirely and give them baths only in the spring and summer weather. However, it is not the case, and your pup can not survive or remain healthy without getting routine cleaning. To combat such problems, it is imperative that you maintain a proper cleaning routine for your dogs and follow it religiously. In winters, this routine may vary because of the cold and freezing weather and your pup’s reaction towards it. As many dogs do not like winters, handling them can be tough throughout the season. This is why pet cleaning products should always be at your disposal, and you can get them from many pet-related brands like IVS Pets.

Tips for Dog Cleaning in the winters

Here are some of the best enlisted tips that will help you to wash your fur babies in the winters:  

1-  Always take your Pup for a Potty Break before Bath time

It is all-important for the health of your dog that you take it for a potty break before bath time, especially in winters. It is because your wet pup can suffer from hypothermia when exposed to cold temperatures. Moreover, it is not common for a dog to get limitless energy and start going on as usual after a bath because a dog with a full bladder or stomach can encounter accidents when it runs. Dogs are curious creatures, and they should be treated accordingly, only then you can keep them safe and prevent any mishaps.

2-  Create a Warm & Toasty Environment

Before you prep your dog for a bath in winters, turn up the heat by a degree or two to keep the overall environment warm and toasty in the house. This way, your dog would not feel cold and chilled after a bath. Likewise, the water you use for bathing should also be warm and neutral to keep your pup happy throughout the bath time. 

3-  Use the Right Type of Dog Towels

You may want to dry your pup with a regular bath towel, but it is not a good idea at all. It is because those large towels can easily tangle your pet’s hair, and make their coat frizzy, rough, and increase hair breakage. Normal towels are designed for human beings according to their need and skin type. You would not want to use some other thing and mess up your skin and hair. Likewise, your pup is no different, and they also enjoy healthy skin and fur coats. Therefore, you must always use lightweight pet towels that are specifically designed for your fur babies. There are many brands in the pet industry that are offering a wide range for your pets from cleaning products to toys everything is easily available in the market.

4-  Do not Use Human Shampoos on your Dogs

It is not suitable for dogs to be bathed with human shampoos as they are too acidic for them. In winters, these shampoos can cause many skin problems for your pups like itching, rashes, and even excess shedding of hair. If your fur baby has sensitive skin, then you must use moisturizing dog shampoos and conditioners to combat such a situation. Now, it is very easy to access pet shampoos and conditioners in the market as they are readily available.

5-  Visit a Self-Served Dog Wash Facility

It can be a dire task to bathe a dog in winters, especially large dogs. For this, many pet shops have introduced a self-serve dog wash facility in which you can easily bathe and clean your dog with proper tools and space. They will provide you with the tubs and washing accessories that are suitable for your pup, and you can easily get the cleaning done.

These are some of the best 5 tips for giving your pooch a cleanup in the winters.

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