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Dos and Don’ts of Printing Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale for Food

Whether you are a chocolatier, a confectioner, baker or dry food manufacturer, finest packaging is imperative for ensuring quality and safe handling of your products. No matter how scrumptious you claim your chocolates or truffles to be, if it is poorly packaged it will ruin not just the texture and taste of the offer but also your brand’s image. Boxes for eatables especially the ones that have a long shelf-life have to be printed considering certain standards. Packaging is the first point of interaction between you and a consumer if you have just started your business, don’t risk ruining the first impression. Make the best out of food boxes for building a likable perception about your new bakery or organic food outlet.

Custom rigid box packaging is a dependable storage solution for food items. You can have the boxes printed in your preferred specifications. Packaging for products that you are about to introduce has to be insightful. Utilize the boxes for enlightening consumers about the fresh and flavorful ingredients used in cookies, mini chocolates and wafers. You can build rapport with the buyers by telling them about your brands’ vision, mission and best practices. Packaging designed keeping in view the psychographics of your target audience would aid you with an effective sales pitch. There are elements that can make your boxes result-oriented and a few mistakes that you should avoid when getting the packaging printed. 

Let’s discuss these in detail!

Do Pay Attention when Selecting Stock 

Boxes for food items have to be resistant to dust, moisture, bacteria and shock. You shouldn’t choose material for packaging without weighing your options scrupulously. Ask the printer to show you a stock book or guide on the features of materials like cardboard, kraft and paperboard. Custom rigid boxes wholesale should be strong enough to provide lasting protection to eatables on storage shelves and during delivery.

Don’t Miss out Important Details on Custom Rigid Boxes 

Packaging for perishable and other food products must have all the basic and additional details for customer assistance. There should be clear names and percentage of manufacturing components, date before which the items ought to be consumed along with calorie count. You shouldn’t forget to mention any possible allergens like peanuts. Provide all the sought after information to the consumers on boxes so that they don’t have to ask the counter or sales staff.

Don’t Mislead Buyers 

Don’t use exaggerated claims or attributes that your food items don’t have. You shouldn’t say on packaging that a product has no fats when in fact it has a considerable amount of sugar. Boxes for eatables need to have credible info. Do not label the energy bars to be a replacement of a full meal if they are not. Be honest and truthful with the buyers if you want to become a brand that shoppers commend and recommend.

Design of your packaging should be an emblem of how an item like caramel cookies looks in real life. You can use creative visualization on the boxes for adding coruscating appeal to them. 

Before opting for any of the rigid box manufacturers USA, ask questions about turnaround, pricing and techniques used in different processes. 

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