How To Create A Great Featured Image For Your Blog Post?

There are many aspects that go into the marketing strategy of a blogging website. From SEO to email marketing, social media marketing and posting schedules, a blogger has many things on their plate. Amid all these aspects, creation of good visual content, a featured image, to be precise, is of great importance. 

To make your content seem more understandable, approachable and interactive, it is essential that you add related images wherever they are needed. Out of all the visuals you add in your blog post, the one that strikes out the most is your featured image.

The featured image aims at giving your reader/visitor a visual representation about what your blog post is about. Thus it is imperative that you keep a few things in mind while creating the image. In this piece, we will discuss how to create a great featured image for your blog post. 

#1 – Research visuals related to your content

Before getting down to choosing or creating your image, you must do a thorough research of the type of visuals your competitors have created on their website. 

This is not something you must do so that you can copy their style. This helps you in getting a gist of the type of visuals that have been created already, and will give you room to create something unique, and relatable, 

Researching the visuals on other blogs will help you understand how you must place your visuals as well. After this you’ll get an idea where you should place different visuals and which kinds of visuals fit best according to a particular piece of content. 

#2 – Know the image guidelines 

Most of the blogging websites are created using CMS. On these CMS’s there are thousands of themes that have different guidelines when it comes to attaching images.

Thus, it is imperative that you know what the image guidelines are based on the theme you’ve applied on your blog. Without knowing the dimensions, sizes, etc. set up by the theme, the images you create will be either too big, or too small. 

This can cause blurring or magnification of your featured image, failing to aid your content. 

#3 – Don’t clutter your images

One of the biggest reasons why featured images fail to attract readers is that they are too cluttered and do not accomplish what they aim towards. 

While creating your featured image keep in mind that the purpose of the image is to provide a simplified idea about what your blog post is about. If you add too much text, or too many elements into your featured image it becomes too hard to comprehend and confuses the readers. 

In Conclusion

In this piece, we discussed how you can create a great featured image for your blog post. 

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