Which is the best Brand for Axis Cube

The Axis cube is a great twisty puzzle in a cube shape. It is designed with unequal divisions and in a scrambled stated axis cube will not resemble the classic cube shape. 

An Axis Cube is exactly like a 3×3 Rubik’s Cube if looked at from an angle. The Axis cube is a great challenge to solve. You need to understand that the centers in the Axis cubes are the squares and always have two colors. Similar to Rubik’s Cube, they are arranged in the same way. 

Here are some of the best brands that produce the Axis Cube. 

1. MFJS Axis Cube 
MFJS Axis Cube

MoFang JiaoShi Axis Cube is a shape-shifter modification. It comes with a robust internal mechanism with Florian-style pieces. The corner cutting is great, and it has a smooth turning with little resistance. The colours are mild, with great contrast and recognition. It can be compact and can be carried anywhere. It is a budget-friendly puzzle and a safe choice, whether you are a novice or experienced. 

2. YJ Axis v2

YJ Axis v2

The YJ Axis Cube V2 is the new version of the classic 3×3 shape mod. It comes with an improved mechanism and design. The pieces have smooth edges with regular stickers and better quality. The Cube might seem loose out of the box, but with good tensioning, the moves can be controlled easily. The YJ Axis V2 is a smooth turning puzzle with zero pops and zero lockups. 

3. QiYi Axis Cube 
QiYi Axis Cube

The QiYi Axis Cube is a challenging cube for anyone who wishes to get started with shape mods. It comes with smooth turning and great corner cutting. The crazy shapes that this puzzle can be turned into makes it more fun and challenging. It features a robust internal mechanism with Florian-style pieces and turns quite smooth right out of the box. It is a budget-friendly cube, especially for beginners who wish to learn how to solve this challenging Cube.  

4. mf8 Duo Axis Cube
mf8 Duo Axis Cube

The mf8 Duo Axis Cube is an Axis Cube shape mod with asymmetrical cuts that allows the additional turning possibilities. It also features an Aj’s logo on the white side. However, it might seem a little tight right out of the box, with proper lubing and several scrambles or solves, to loosen it up. The deep cuts on this Cube make it appealing to mix up and keep track of. Solving this Cube can be quite a challenge as you need to make a cube twist 3x3x5, scramble it like a 3×3 and then turn it into an Axis Cube. The Cube is a great choice for experienced players who are always on the lookout for something new. 

5. CubeStyle Axis Cube
CubeStyle Axis Cube

The Cube Style Axis Cube is a 4×4 variant of the popular axis cube shape mod. It is designed like a speed cube. Therefore, it turns really well right out of the box. The puzzle features vibrant sticker less bright shades with a robust mechanism. What’s more, is that it turns exactly like a WCA (World Cube Association) Cube. Even though it is not a WCA event and no one is speed solving it, the Cube Style 4×4 Axis Cube is a great cube to have. It is a budget-friendly 4×4 axis cube and a challenging solution. 

6. MoYu Axis Time Wheel 
MoYu Axis Time Wheel

The MoYu Axis Time Wheel is a shape cube which is the popular 3×3 axis cube. What sets this puzzle apart Is that along with the turns similar to that of the traditional axis cube, this puzzle can also be freely rotated at the circular locations on each edge. If you know how to solve the classic 3×3 Cube and the 5×5 centre, then you can easily solve the MoYu Axis Time Wheel. If the wheels on each side seem hard to turn, you need to simply misalign the face of the wheel you are trying to turn and then you should be able to turn the wheel. This puzzle is absolute fun to solve for intermediate as well as advanced cubers. 


These brands have and still are revolutionizing the world of Axis Cube by designing various modifications of the classic 3×3 Axis Cube. Each of these brands and their designed cubes have its own set of notations, algorithms and patterns of solving. While some might be quite obvious, others would need immense practice to understand the internal mechanism and then figure out ways to solve it intuitively. To know more about these brands or to make a purchase, check out their official websites. 

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