What is a walker?

What is a walker?
A walker is a toy for babies with which they can move. Most have 4 wheels and a handle for the baby to hold and push while taking their first steps.

They are usually indicated for children from 9 months, although many of them include an activity center so that smaller babies can use it.

Its use favors the psychomotor development of the baby since, in addition to the possibility of leaning on his legs, feet and strengthening his lumbar area, it contributes to the maturity of balance and the understanding of the notions of distance and displacement.

The best time to incorporate a walker into your baby’s life is when he begins to take his first steps and is able to stand.

Walker Benefits
The Walker brings different benefits to the baby. Some are:

Makes the baby learn to distribute his weight on his legs
Strengthen your muscle development
Promotes visual-motor coordination and balance
It contributes to improving your skills for travel, which translates into increased self-confidence and autonomy
In favor of walkers; Against the tacatá
Do not confuse the walker with the “tacatá”, which has been indicated by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics as “the second cause of accidents in babies during the second semester of life”.

Different European studies have shown that “tacatá” makes it difficult for babies to learn to walk because it forces the baby to stand up. This avoids crawling and the natural movements of his age that allow him to develop the necessary balance to learn to walk.

In addition, using it over time can even cause malformations in the baby’s lower limbs.

On the other hand, the walker provides the baby with a point of support and enhances the development of their natural abilities since it allows them to push at the speed they want, so they can improve their stability while walking.

Where to buy a walker?
Baby Goods 2in1 Walk & Rock Walker Rocker are quite popular, so you can find them in any toy store or in the toy section of any large area. Typically, the bigger the store or department, the more variety of walkers you can find.

Although, for variety, that of online stores since, unlike physical stores, they are not limited by space, so you will have a better chance of finding the one that best suits your needs.

Regarding online stores, keep in mind that not all of them are the same, especially regarding their return policy. That is why I always buy from Amazon. I find variety, a good price (usually the best) and if I don’t like what I have bought or it is not what I expected, I return it at no extra cost and without having to explain.

To make it easy for you, on this page I will leave you the best updated offers of walkers that I find.

Types of Walkers
There are basically 2 types of walkers.

They are usually indicated for children from 9 months, although many of them include an activity center so that smaller babies can use it or when they are sitting.

Most have 4 wheels and a handle for the baby to hold and push while taking their first steps.

This type is a two in 1. It is a walker, ideal for taking your first steps and it is also a ride-on, usually in the shape of a vehicle.

It is a very versatile model since, first, the baby can use it as a walker and, from 12 months, it can also be used as a ride-on. In this case, the movement is made by the child by pushing himself with his legs.

How to choose the walker that best suits you?
The first thing you have to decide is whether you prefer a single walker or a walk-behind walker. The advantage of the latter is its versatility since your baby can use it as a walker and as a ride-on from 12 months, so it can be used for longer.

Apart from this, you should also keep in mind:

That its structure is stable and strong
Look at the finishes and the surfaces, that the lines of the walker are rounded so that your baby does not hurt himself in case of tripping
Check for small removable parts that the baby could accidentally swallow
It is important that you observe and analyze the spaces where the baby will play. Limit your access to stairs, slopes, carpet edges, outdoor exits, or potentially dangerous environments. It is also important that you never leave your baby alone with the walker. It is best that it is always supervised by an adult.

What is the best walker?
There is no best walker, but the most convenient for you and your baby. Whichever you choose, it is important that you take into account the aspects that I mentioned above so that you choose correctly.

However, to make it easier for you, I have prepared a comparison table (I update it frequently) with the selection of what I consider the best walkers. It is based both on my own experience and that of other parents.

Which one do I get?
It depends mainly on what we need: a walker or a walker-ride-on. The walker will help the baby to take his first steps, while the walker-ride-on will also help him develop his psychomotor skills.

Anyway, if I had to stay with one I would choose …

Baby Goods Walkers & Entertainers

It fulfills its function as a walker and is the one with the most complete activity center, so your baby can use it for a long time. In addition, it is one of the best-selling and best-rated walkers.

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